Daniel has another friend-cum-fan!*

I don’t know how to handle this news.

Understandable, I suppose.

Check out the video she made of his work!

*Let’s not play games here; the use of the Latin cum, though fitting, is the most awkward expression ever and I apologize.

Alrighty, kids: Those cabinets y’all love? Daniel worked on the living room for those lucky folks as well. They’re the Brooklynites that want our man to “Danielfy” their place. Love it! (Oh, by the way, the cabinets are in the kitchen. More work/views from the kitchen coming soon!)

Disclaimer: I’m really pissed at Daniel. He didn’t take full before photos for this project; he’s already repainted the walls in the “before” photos below. I’m going to send him hate mail later from an anonymous account.

Anywho, let’s take a look at these semi-before photos, in which Daniel has already painted the walls different shades of grey:

A lovely place to start, yes, but wait til you see how it looks now!

If you’ve visited this blog before, perhaps you’ve caught onto some of Daniel’s design sensibility and advice: Start with a basic, neutral palette, then slowly add color. He’s, like, an artiste! A respectful one who uses VOC-free, water-based apoxy paint, because this client is preggers and apparently that VOC stuff is toxic. (Whoa, news flash, “normal” paint is toxic?*)

Naturally, next up, Daniel hit the floors:

Now let’s take a look at the final product:

And BAM! Christmas was last month. I wouldn’t know, because I’m Jewish, so I got socks and Lipton tea bags (true story– hi, mom!), but I hear it’s pretty festive. Apparently, these guys know how to do it up right. Maybe they’ll invite me (and Daniel?) next year.

Title moment: Where’s my stocking??

*Daniel says to always use environmentally-friendly paint. Aw. Look at him caring about fetuses and the planet.

…Aaaand, we’re back! As promised, we’re taking a closer look at the final product(s) and my favorite little detail.

So, first up: Look at these gems. Just look at them. The hand-craftsmanship. The trendy, exposed interiors, the copper and iron piping, the custom fit. I would hide so much crap in here, like gizmos and gadgets and small children. Now scroll down. Go on. Don’t be shy. Scroll. Slowly.

OK, I hope I didn’t talk it up too much– but seriously, how cool is the photo below? See that random little hole Daniel cut into the shelving? WTF is that? Is that so when I put my mug down inside my cabinet it will fall straight through and shatter and ruin everything? No, fool. (Did I just call myself a fool?) It’s for your brooms! And mops! And swiffers! And whatever else people use to clean. God knows I don’t. But if I did clean, man, this hole-in-cabinet thing would be awesome. Actually, I don’t clean and it’s still cool, because God also knows that I pretend that I am going to clean a lot, and so I have all those aforementioned supplies jutting out next to the fridge. I’d take a photo and include it here, but objects in mirror are lazier than they appear.

I know, I love the little hole? Weird, right? I mean, those handles are super awesome. But this is Daniel we’re talking about here. Of course all the main features are awesome, guys! I just wanted to point out my favorite hidden, surprise detail. That dude thinks of everything! Enjoy.

Guys. This is a super special post.


Because our little Monkey Master of Mystery makes a cameo. Twice. Once with an iron. (Don’t ask me what he’s doing with that iron. He’s a professional, kids. I will not try this at home.)

Not only that, but we’ve once again got some brand-new, one-of-a-kind Daniel Friedman design. This time, D-Money makes cabinets. From scratch. Like, you will not find these cabinets anywhere else in the world. Which kind of makes me cry at night.

Just when I thought Daniel could do it all, he goes and does something new that I hadn’t even thought of, because, honestly, I don’t spend much of my day wondering how cabinets are built. Which means he does… more than all?

Does this make him a woodworker, too, or something?

For this project, Daniel took birch veneer plywood, iron and copper pipes (signature DFD, folks) and old wooden castors (apparently, those are wheels) and whipped up a little dish of awesome sauce. See below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll take a closer look later this week at the final result and my favorite little detail. It’ll be yours, too, I promise.

“WHAT?!” you say, “Where have you BEEN, Alli-girl? How dare you tempt and tease us with timely updates on Daniel’s every move, replete with darling photographs, and then disappear, you little seductress!”

I know, I know. I apologize, dear reader. But, more importantly, where has Daniel been? Or rather, where has he NOT been?

  • Daniel has been consulting on a PIZZA SHOP! Omg, delicious. He helped turn an old shoe and purse store into a rustic pizza shop with slat hardwood flooring that matches the ceiling and walls. He supplied weird ideas to make it look all antique, like instructions on how to treat the wood with lye and stain it. No, I don’t have any pictures yet. Yes, you’ll have to settle for the one below.
  • Our little superstar did a bit of consulting on a home in NJ. I know, New Jersey again. Yuck. I have no idea if there will be any pictures from this.
  • He’s consulting on a brownstone in Brooklyn! My favorite part so far is that the lovely couple hired him for one room and then asked him to “Danielfy” the rest of the place! DANIELFY! Maybe one day it will even show up without that squiggly red spellcheck line under it. I hate that squiggle. Thinks he knows more than the rest of us. Pictures definitely coming soon!

And now for some amazing news! Daniel… wait for it… wait… are you ready? You might want to sit down for this. Oh, right, you’re at your computer, so you’re probably already sitting.

He has started designing more than apartments! I’ll give you a moment to jump for joy. OK. You back? You sitting back down now? Daniel has started designing SUITS. Which means that you can DANIELFY YOUR BODY. You can learn more at bindleandkeep.com, and I’ll probably add a tab on this here site soon.

Be back soon, I promise! Kisses!

It’s a groundhog eating pizza! I wonder if he bought it at Daniel’s shop.

“Ohh,” you’re thinking, “Daniel’s work is so beautiful. This Alli girl is right-on. She’s so brilliant. I bet she’s really pretty, too. Oh, sorry, I digress. But here’s the thing: I don’t need a full apartment makeover! Oh well, I’ll just go sit in my dimly-lit living room and sulk.”

Never fear, children! It doesn’t have to be your full apartment. It doesn’t even have to be… anything. For this next project, Daniel created something out of NOTHING. That’s right, we don’t even have a before photo for this project. There was a ceiling. And then there were lights.

You know who else creates light from darkness? GOD. I’m sorry, was that too much?

Somewhat seriously though, Daniel brought in all this junk, strung up some awesome lights, and left. And the clients love it. So there. Bam.

Happy New Year!

Sure, sure, it’s the high holy days and stuff, but I could totally contemplate life’s meaning sitting in this chair. And the Jewish new year. And things I’ve done this past year that I do or do not regret or whatever else it is I’m supposed to be doing right now.

Plus, these pictures are totally… SWEET. Get it? Eh? Am I the only one?

Have a happy, healthy, sweet new year, y’all.


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