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For this post, I would like to share how our favorite little monkey took some vintage cloth wire and tied it up in knots and somehow it came out looking like the awesome chandelier below. With a dimmer for sexy time. And by sexy time, maybe I mean dinner parties? Actually, this is New York, so let’s face it: your dining room table is probably on top of your bed, which is one of the many reasons you need Daniel to deal with your space. (Did you know he can move walls? I’m not kidding! We’ll deal with that in a future post.) Also because if you tried to do this yourself, hypothetically speaking you might accidentally drill a hole through a wire and then your lights will stop working and you’ll have to call the electrician. This definitely did not happen to me last week.

Let’s save ourselves an awkward visit from the super, shall we?

Which one do you like more?

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